What Are the Styles & Constructions of Outdoor Upholstery Furniture?

Outdoor upholstered furniture adds an extra layer of beauty to your property. The upholstery fabrics of this furniture provide great comfort. Outdoor upholstery furniture is available in a wide range of colours, designs, patterns and sizes in Northern Beaches. In this blog, we will discuss different styles & the construction process of outdoor upholstered furniture. We further discuss some quick maintenance tips.

Different styles of outdoor upholstery furniture 
From the sectional sofas to day beds or lounge chairs, the premium quality outdoor upholstered furniture collections provide a vast range of options. Nowadays, they are available in a wide variety of colours, designs, styles & patterns. They add a layer of beauty to your outdoor area. You can choose the best style depending on your budget.

Outdoor upholstery furniture construction
A piece of outdoor upholstered furniture has four parts. They include outdoor upholstery fabric, the frame, padding & seat cushion. Let’s take a closer look at these parts.

Outdoor upholstery fabric: Good quality upholstered furniture frames are mainly manufactured with two layers of fabrics, outside fabric covers and base covers. The base cover is a type of performance mesh fabric allowing the frame to moisture & breathe to escape. The outside fabric of this furniture can be made with the customer’s choice.

The frame: 

The frames are generally cut from high-quality plywood. Good quality plywood is mainly engineered for the outdoors. They are mainly assembled using stainless steel fasteners & exterior grade adhesives.


Seat deck, back & arms are generally made of reticulated foams. According to the outdoor upholstery professionals in Northern Beaches, this is one type of airflow to enhance drying & open cell foam allowing moisture to escape. It can also prevent the growth of mould & mildew. 

Seat cushions:

Last but not the least, the high resilience & firmer polyurethane foam is used to make seat cushions of outdoor upholstery furniture. The foam comes with 3 layers of fibre wrap for long-lasting performance.

How to maintain it? 
Over time, dust, dirt, stain & other particles are trapped into outdoor upholstery furniture. They are also exposed to sunlight, moisture & regular wear and tear. To keep the furniture beautiful, proper dusting & vacuuming are essential. Both methods help to remove surface dust & dirt from the upholstery fabrics. However, they are not the deep cleaning process. For deep cleaning, you have to consider the steam washing technique. This is an eco-friendly cleaning process that kills inner germs and bacteria from the upholstery fabrics.

The texture & pattern of outdoor upholstered furniture gives a unique look to your outdoor space. However, to keep them clean & beautiful, basic maintenance tips should be considered.

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