Can the Monitored Alarms and NBN Go Along Together?

Well, the answer to the question of the title is YES. With NBN rolling out across Australia, Internet and phone connections should not be considered, because connecting the alarm systems equally plays a crucial role. Regardless of the alarm system type or the alarm systems monitoring, you are having – their capability in connecting to the NBN must be checked.

In this particular discussion, we shall focus on the monitored alarms prevalent in Perth and NBN – whether they are going together.

Security Alarm Monitoring and the NBN
With security alarm monitoring systems installed at a property in Perth being the focus, almost all the devices are programmed for “check-in” with the monitoring system to make everything is appropriately working. Even they send notifications in case anything happens, that should not be so, like sending a notification if the alarm is tripped.

So, how will the systems be doing this though?
• Back to Base Systems
The back-to-base systems are the traditional style options in need of the monitoring service for the check-in. Generally, they use the traditional copper phone lines for communication, which is otherwise termed the home phone as well as Internet service, if you have not shifted over to the NBN, which since the rollout of NBN are being disconnected.
• Mobile Connected Systems
The modern-style systems using the Internet for communications are the mobile connected systems. They make use of the NBN and VOIP for relaying monitoring checks and providing necessary updates wherever applicable.

Will Your Existing Security Alarm Monitoring System Be Working on the NGN Network?
Till now, if you have not connected to the NBN, or the connection to your area is to come soon, then it is extremely important to check the monitored alarm system’s compatibility with the NBN. The vital three factors to take into consideration include –
• The alarm system type and its age.
• The technology, currently being used by your alarm system company.
• The telephone services your service provider is supplying you.

For instance, if you are having the “back-to-base” system, then there is a huge possibility it will be utilizing traditional copper phone lines for communicating. As such, they are not going to be compatible with the NBN and they will require upgradation. On the other hand, based on the Internet connection type, a few mobile connected systems will be much compatible and further changes will not be needed.

Talk to your security alarm monitoring company and service provider in Perth regarding the discussed factors, and even
Ask your signed alarm company to be sure whether your security device will be working on the NBN in the same usual way.

Make sure both your Internet and Phone service providers know about you having a monitored alarm service.
• You have to look out for other options, if your preferred Internet and Phone Service providers are not able to support your alarm service provider or else your preferred monitored alarm service. It means changing the providers or having the alarm system changed in the home.
• While speaking to the relevant parties, look for the options for modifying your existing alarm systems for being compatible with the NBN. With this being a possibility, check out for the modifications’ extent along with the cost and who will be responsible.
You might be having many questions then talk to the professionals and discuss the alarm monitoring systems.
The Benefits of the Monitored Alarm Systems On NBN
Indeed, there are a few benefits to have alarm monitoring with the NBN, which include –
• Reduced expenses because of the landline rental and daily call charges
• Alarm monitoring could occur in case the phone lines have been cut or else the power is out since it works well with the alarm backup battery system attached to the mobile systems
• Convenience because of the ability for receiving real-time notifications through the app on the mobile device if anything has occurred
• Peace of mind that the updates will be bringing at the earliest with the alarm being triggered
• 24/7 protection

Security alarm monitoring is essential for all the properties in Perth, be it residential or commercial. They ensure the assets and people’s protection in case there is a fire outbreak. So, to ensure the alarm monitoring is compatible with the NBN, then make sure to consult the security professionals and Internet and Phone service providers.

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