Major Facts About Welding Consultancy & Inspection

welding consultants and Inspect

Welding consultancy & inspection both are essential branches of welding engineering technology. Both are used to determine the welding quality & to provide advice to welders, fabricators and clients. In this blog, we are going to discuss major facts about welding consultancy & inspection.

Licenses & certification
Reputable welding companies in NSW always provide client-focused, experienced, licensed and certified welding consultants and inspectors to their clients in NSW. They are highly experienced in this field & certified through the Australian governing bodies like (Weld Australia) TAFE Australia, WTIA, AWS, CSWIP, etc. 

How do the welding consultants help?
Professional welding consultants in NSW always assist their potential clients with the following:

• Client Specification review
• Fabrication Drawings review
• Relevant welding standards review
• Company Audit, perform gap analysis
• Qualify procedures

After reviewing all kinds of essential project documentation, they start auditing the company documentation & performing the gap analysis for determining the best result. So, whether you need to enhance the quality system of your company or just need the advice for your next project, the experts always give you top-notch welding engineering consultancy solutions without compromising quality.

How do the welding inspectors help?
The team of professional & well-trained fencing inspectors assist the clients in the following areas:

• Job scope and client specifications review
• Fabrication drawings review
• QA checksheet preparation
• ITP's preparation
• Materials delivered inspection
• Material traceability 
• Consumables: Storage & selection
• Welding machine calibration
• Welding Procedures Qualification
• Qualification of operators & welders 

Apart from these services, professional welding inspectors also provide supervision services during the welding fabrication services including shaping, holing, temporary bracing, tack welding, forming, assembly, cutting, weld preps, etc. 

They also supervise after welding fabrication including weld preps and dimensional checks. Other major services 

• Supervision services during welding such as WPS followed,
• qualified welders, distortion control, preheat requirements, etc.
• Supervision after welding like visual scanning, size weld & weld quality
• Organise NDT or non-destructive testing 
• Witness NDT
• Organize sandblasting method including blast media inspection & surface profile inspection
• Coatings or witness WFT, consumables checked, results recorded, DFT checks, etc.
• Galvanizing - Witness thickness testing and supplier audit
• MDR folder compilation for final hand-over

Where do they offer their services?

• Structural steel fabrication industries
• Pipework industries
• Storage tanks industries
• Transportation industries: Road and rail
• Pipelines and water treatment plants
• Mining industries (Construction & Maintenance)
• Civil engineering (Reinforcing steel and bridge construction)
• Gas industries (Secondary network and primary mains)
• Powerstation and maintenance plants

The importance of welding consultancy & inspection is huge. Professional consultants & inspectors always assure guaranteed services with complete satisfaction.

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