What are Different Landscaping Services & Their Elements?

A landscape adds a layer of the beauty of the residential & commercial properties. The overall value of the property is also increased. Professional landscapers specialise in designing & maintaining services for their potential clients. They always deal with high-quality materials to achieve the best result. In this blog, we are going to discuss what types of landscaping services they provide.

Types of landscaping services they provide?

Professional landscapers in Wodonga generally provide two types of landscaping services. They include hardscaping & softscaping services. Let’s discuss this in brief.

Hardscaping mainly refers to touch materials incorporated into residential landscaping.  These landscape areas & spaces generally include the followings:

Paved areas
Sleeper walls
Retaining walls

According to the landscape construction experts in Wodonga, there are different types of hard-wearing materials used to make these landscapes such as stones, bricks, concrete, etc.

Softscaping may refer to the plant elements of residential and commercial landscapes. It generally includes plant placement, flower management, shrubs, plants, flower beds, trees, etc. A compact & well-decorated softscape adds a layer of beauty to the property. However, to keep the softscape beautiful, some maintenance tips should be considered. They include grading, planting, weed management, mowing, trimming, spraying, aerating and digging.

What are the elements of hardscaping construction?

In-Ground pool installation: Professionals generally work with the residential contractors for installing in-ground pools depending on your style & budget.

Poolside gateway:

Professional landscapers can design & construct the classic pool-side gateways for the backyards.

Deck design and construction: They also specialise in designing & constructing beautiful decks for the residential and commercial properties in Wodonga.

What are the elements of softscaping construction?

Gardening & maintenance: A garden is one of the beautiful additions to any property. Professional residential landscapers can design & decorate perfect gardens for your property. They help to choose the garden plants, water features, stones, fountains & lights for making the landscape beautiful. Moreover, they also provide proper garden maintenance services to their clients. They suggest pruning, trimming, watering & fertilizing for maintaining the beauty of the garden. They always maintain quality and safety standards strictly.

Irrigation system installation & maintenance: Last but not the least, professional landscapers are experts in installing & maintaining the irrigation systems to keep the lawn or garden healthy & beautiful. They always use advanced technology & approaches in the irrigation system. 

If you are planning to redecorate your landscape, call a reputable company in Wodonga. They assure guaranteed landscaping installation & maintenance services with complete peace of mind.

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