4 Awesome Headboard Design Ideas For Your Bedrooms

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A bedhead is one of the fantastic additions that add a contemporary statement to the bedrooms. Bedheads or headboards are made of several types of materials. They can either be free-standing or mounted with the walls. A beautiful bedhead can change the vibe instantly of a bedroom by elevating the space. Whether you need to decorate your space or want back support, these bedhead design ideas will give you the perfect solution.

Chalk headboard design
A chalk headboard is one of the popular and contemporary bedhead designs that add elegance to the bedroom. The bedheads are highly recommended by the custom made bedhead making companies in Sydney. For these bedheads, dustless chalk, leftover chalkboard paint and wood are required. All of them make a simple and classic statement. Chalk headboards are less expensive and they are absolutely perfect for modern rooms.

Upholstered headboard design
If you want a premium back support and comfort, an upholstered headboard is a perfect option to choose. As the name suggests, these bedheads are made of several types of fabrics like velvet, polyester, leather, etc. They are perfectly blended with wood or faux wood materials. Upholstered headboards are available in a diverse range of colours, designs, styles and sizes. They add an extra layer enhancement to the bedroom. Apart from that, upholstered bedheads can also be customised. They create a modern statement and give comfort.

Rustic headboard design
If you are planning to add a rustic statement to your bedroom then the DIY rustic bedhead design can be the best option to you. The dark colour and solid pattern of these bedheads add an essence. These bedheads are perfect for light coloured walls. Many homeowners in Sydney prefer these types of bedheads for their modern bedrooms. Rustic headboards are easy to install and they are available in a variety of designs, colours and patterns. The dark and classic colour tone pop against the white background walls.

Floral headboard design
For a romantic and whimsical look, floral headboards can be the best options for your bedroom. These bedheads or headboards are made of paper flowers. As compared to other bedheads, floral bedheads are comparatively less expensive. The design and classic colour tone of these bedheads transform the bedrooms into the fantasy gardens. Floral headboard design is perfect for newly married or couple’s bedrooms.

These bedheads are classic and they create a major statement to your bedroom. Apart from that, these essential bedroom additions give an artistic finish and add elegance.

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