What Are the Options of Upholstery Fabrics for the Antique Furniture?

antique upholstery furniture fabrics

Upholstery helps in retaining the appearance of antique furniture. The upholsterers use the popular fabrics to ensure the task is rightly done. Upholstery is the trade that purely stands on the careful selection of fabrics to make the antique furniture’s aesthetic appeal stand out. Needless to mention that the vintage and antique furniture needs a fine and best selection of fabrics for upholstering.

Since the aesthetics of the present day are having a penchant for veering toward sleek and minimalism, simplified looks – so the vintage and antique upholstery need ornate and unconventional upgradation. Rather, the antique furniture are remarkable for their flamboyant style.

When you have restored and update your antique upholstery with the help of the professionals in the best workshops in Southern Highlands, then choose to get it done with modern upholstery materials. Likewise, its original aesthetics will be maintained.
Owing to the huge bulk of different materials available in the present-day markets, revamping antique furniture has become more flexible for upholsterers.

Here are the excellent fabrics the professional upholsters use for reupholstering antique furniture.

i. Velvet – Being a rich fabric, it is restricted to expensive pieces. Velvet is the backbone for antique furniture to retain their original upholstery. The upholsterers use combined fabrics and velvet, or sort velvet for restoring its originality. Since velvet is expensive, so the alternatives like rayon and velveteen are combined to get its extraordinary look. As s result, upholstering antique furniture becomes all the more affordable.

ii. Damask – To restore and revive antique furniture, damask is a suitable option. Damask a traditionally woven fabric noteworthy for its embellished arabesque and floral motifs. They can be used in the reversed format. Although it is expensive yet modern damask is a suitable option being made out of combined synthetic and natural fibers so it has become affordable. Damask is an excellent upholstery choice for all the ornate furniture in need of additional classy touch.

iii. Brocade – Brocade is denoted as the companion to damask, and it features embroidery typified by colored layered apart from a single color of a specific tone. So, the brocades are fancier and much more costly versions of damask. The upholsters use them for upholstering the highly decorative pieces. Owing to mechanical embroidery, it is widely available. These are just suitable for classical furniture and helps in adding a wonderful touch of flair and elegance to all kinds of furniture.

The fabric choices mentioned in the discussion might be costly, but it is just the initial investment. In the long run, they are bound to be appropriate, since you need not get it done again or sooner. Once you have decided to go ahead with the project, make sure to talk to the professional upholsters.

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