What are the major properties and identification of bricks?

Brick paving services

A brick is a material made of clay which is extensively used for making constructions. This material is strong, durable, solid and cheap as compared to other construction materials. In this blog, we are going to discuss major properties and identification of bricks that are essential for the construction.

Properties of bricks
Bricks come with a number of properties. These properties of the material clearly represent the necessity of bricks during construction. Some major properties of bricks include hardness, compressive strength and absorption.

Hardness of bricks
Hardness is one of the major properties of bricks. The high-quality bricks are highly resistant to abrasion. Hardness always helps to provide a permanent and solid nature of bricks. Bricks can’t be damaged by scraping due to hardness.

Compressive strength of bricks
Crushing strength or compressive strength is another major property which can represent the load-bearing capacity of a brick per unit area. According to the experts in Perth, minimum crushing strength of bricks must be 3.5N/mm2. This property can be minimised after soaking the bricks in water.

Absorption of bricks
Last but not the least, bricks can absorb water but there are some limitations. Percentage of absorption by several brick classes are listed below.

  • Heavy-duty bricks: 5%
  • First-class bricks: 20%
  • Second class bricks: 22%
  • Third class bricks: 25%

How to identify the brick’s quality during construction?
To build a high-quality structure, determining the quality of bricks are extremely essential. Here we share how the professionals identify the bricks during construction:

  • The brick’s colour must be uniform & bright
  • Bricks must be burned properly to get the sharp edges & smooth surfaces
  • Thermal conductivity must be less
  • Bricks should be soundproof.
  • Bricks should not absorb 20% by weight after placing inside the water.
  • The ringing sound should be produced after strucking 2 bricks together
  • Brick’s structure should be uniform & homogeneous

Apart from that, experts also perform a number of tests to check the quality of bricks during construction. The tests include a drop test, scratch test, water test. The overall quality of bricks can be accurately determined by these tests.

Applications of bricks
No doubt, bricks come with a number of applications. They are not only used in building construction but they are also used for paving. Nowadays, brick pavers are in great demand in Perth because of its durability, strength and cost.

Bricks help to create a solid structure. They are not only durable but they are long-lasting. Bricks also give a unique and rustic finish to your property.

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