Google’s Small Business Advisors Program Aims at Helping the Growth of SMBs

Google has recently beta-launched a new program suitable for the small and medium-sized businesses of SMBs for assisting them to establish themselves as the better marketers on the widely used search engine that is Google. Although it is not Google Support’s enhanced version yet it is known as the Small Business Advisors or SBA. It is because the program is offering 50-minute individualized consultation sessions on a varied range of products like Google My Business, Ads, Analytics, YouTube, and more.
Google’s Small Business Advisors Program
Neither Enterprises Nor Agencies
As stated by Google, the program is completely open to small businesses with an active Google account. But the large scale businesses, SEO, and marketing agencies have not been stated as eligible for participation. Per session, the cost will be $39.99, while there is no need to pay a fee till the end of 2020.

Small businesses are not particularly defined, thus, theoretically the companies could employ about 100 employees, or else it could be 400 employees. From a practical point of view, the program is major to be used only by small businesses where only a few employees are employees. The accounts that had been suspended are not eligible for booking an appointment and should be reinstated before they have gained access to this program.

The Program Should Not be Called “Google Care”
Maybe when you hear it first, then you are likely to think of Apple Care. However, Google has stated that this program is not Google Support’s enhanced version, although it is tempting to see it as the enhanced version of Google Support. According to Google, Support intends to troubleshoot around the discreet problems like the duplicate listings being reinstated or merged.

The chief purpose of Google SBA is to help business owners gain more proficiency in using Google products. The advisors will conduct pre-appointment research for being prepared and provide maximum help during the 50-minute appointment.

As stated by Google, SBA is purposefully designed for the particular business owners who:

  • Feel uncertain or overwhelmed regarding the online presence of their business.
  • Are having advanced questions about their products.
  • Do not have an outside marketing agency or an online marketing expert
  • Did not previously use Google products

The program is not for use for real-time Google My Business verification.
Based on the consulting survey, it is said that 60% to 70% SMBs will not be working with the marketing agencies. They keep on with their in-house digital marketing management.

Video Chat Along With Screen Sharing
Customizing the recommendations, they are delivered over both video-chats and screen sharing. The small and medium-sized businesses are encouraged in sharing their goals before they speak to the advisors. Now the advisors are the integral Google personnel themselves.

Google has stated that the SMBs are allowed to discuss two products at each appointment. This raises the need to attend multiple sessions. But one could raise a question that had Google planned for discounted bundles for them in need of more than one session. According to Google’s response, plans for subscription or price bundle is not within the upcoming plan, but it is a topic to be explored in the future.

We shall end the discussion on a fair note. Already Google local support had received criticism for uneven quality. So the Small Business Advisors Program of Google presents a significant improvement potentiality for the SMBs so they are protected from receiving inaccurate marketing information by the third parties trying to sell them certain products. The program’s value finally depends on the advisors’ abilities and their expertise level. Accordingly, it will either sink or swim. Google is sometimes not much in favor to promote its products and services. But as Google markets this program, then the local business owners will raise their demands in ardent need of help and information.


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