Chronic Foot Pain: Causes and Prevention

Foot pain mainly refers to discomfort or pain in several parts of your foot including toes, soles, arches & heels. This kind of pain can either be mild or severe. Foot pain can be caused by many reasons. However, to relieve your pain, many measures will help. Here are major causes of chronic foot pain. We further discuss prevention tips.

Lifestyle Choices

Lifestyle choice is one of the major causes of foot pain. According to the experts, most of the chronic foot pain occurs due to wearing improper footwear or shoes. This is because improper shoes do not fit properly. Apart from that, wearing high heeled footwears may also cause chronic heel pain because they create pressure on your heels. Moreover, regular sports activities, high-impact exercises, jogging, running & weight lifting may also cause heel pain or foot pain.

Common health problems

According to medical studies and research, many health problems are also responsible for chronic foot pain. Some common health issues that cause chronic heel pain include:

• Diabetes mellitus
• Obesity or overweight
• Common foot injuries like a sprain, tendinitis or fracture

Apart from that, other major causes of chronic foot pain or heel pain include:

• Corns
• Bunions
• Ingrown toenails
• Warts
• Calluses
• Fallen arches
• Haglund’s deformity or back heel bone enlargement
• Morton’s neuroma
• Medications causing feet swelling
• Hammertoes
• Peripheral arterial disease or PAD
• Plantar fasciitis
• Athlete’s foot
• Gout

These are the major causes of chronic heel pain. However, podiatrists suggest wearing well-cushioned & soft shoes to avoid foot pain.

How to prevent heel pain?

To get relief from chronic heel pain or foot pain, taking proper prevention is extremely necessary. Professional podiatrists always give major tips to avoid pain. Undoubtedly, there are several ways to prevent chronic heel pain. Few of them are given below:

• Try to wear roomy, comfortable & well-cushioned footwear.
• Avoid wearing footwears with very high heels & narrow toe areas.
• Maintain proper weight.
• Stretch before doing several physical exercises.
• Maintain good hygiene
• Always clean foot to avoid rashes & redness
• Always wear shoes when you are outside 
• Try to wear dry socks to protect feet

Foot pain is common but it can be very painful if it is not treated properly. Chronic heel pain can either be severe or mild but taking the proper prevention is necessary. You can consult with the professional podiatrist for proper foot pain treatment in Perth.

Although heel pain is common, this is not a normal part of our life. Always try to follow the advice & tips that are recommended by the podiatrists. If you have a foot injury, call a doctor for proper treatment.

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