8 Proper Reasons to Visit Port Fairy During Summer

Are you happy now on landing at the delightful seaside village of Port Fairy? Indeed, it is the perfect place to explore and add to your travel diaries. Port Fairy and its surroundings are filled with rich natural attractions. Although you can visit the place at any time of the year, yet making a trip to this awesome place becomes much more thrilling during summer. Indeed, traveling with families and friends creates an exciting experience for everyone, but if you wish, a solo trip to Port Fairy is even recommendable.

Rather the attractions of the eight places will make you come back to Port Fairy more often. The chief advantage to tour Port Fairy reserving a family accommodation within your budget in Port Fairy is really easier.

i. Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve

Tower Hill had been declared as the first National Park of Victoria in 1982 owing to its worth experiencing Australian bushes. Here the tourists have a great opportunity for enjoying magnificent sceneries and landscapes as well as with a few most appreciated iconic native animals and birds of Australia which include koalas, emus, wallabies, kangaroos, seasonal reptiles, and echidnas. You need to book a guided tour. Then go on a 90-minute tour under the guidance of a local tour and discover Australia’s iconic animals’ natural habitats. You can even learn about the plants used for medicinal and food purposes.

ii. The Griffiths Island and Lighthouse

Situated in the heart of Port Fairy, Griffiths Island is a natural oasis supporting many native animals, as well as a small number of swamp wallabies. After you are comfortable at your family accommodation in Port Fairy, you can plan to visit the most accessible breeding colonies comprising of mutton-birds and short-tailed shearwaters for a day. Try to visit Griffiths Island from September to April when Griffiths Island becomes known for bird watching.

iii. The Crags

Drive to the west of Port Fairy to reach The Crags, which is a scenic wild section of the Port Fairy coastline populated with jagged outcrops, tree roots, and wow panoramic views along the coast. Stop at Lady Julia Percy Island offshore to enjoy the whole reserve from the whole lookout. Just wake up early to enjoy the sunrise while you head to The Crags.

iv. Beaches

Visiting Port Fairy will be complete after you have explored its beaches. Port Fairy has surprisingly wonderful beaches where the tourists can keep themselves busy with swimming, fishing, exploring rock pools, and surfing.

v. Rock Pooling

A day at Pea Soup Beach by day rock pooling will make your day. All that with which you need to be careful is you need to place the critters back to the same place from where you have picked up.

vi. Yambuk Slide

Ride down the sand dunes of Yambuk at 33 meters for a thrilling ride. Next, you can climb up the step to behold the series of panoramic views along the Yambuk coastline and then make your way to Lady Julia Percy Island.

vii. Childers Cove

Wonderful seascapes arranged in relative isolation are the remarkable trademarks at Childers Cove. Accessing these wonderful caves is easy and then you are rewarded with large sea and surfing, colorful sandstone, sandstone stacks, and limestone cliffs. As you walk through these beaches, you are sure to have one of the rare experiences of being in seclusion mixed with the wonders of forces of nature.

viii. Budjm Bim National Park

You just have to ride for one hour from Port Fairy to reach Budj Bim National Park whose special features are a camping area, several walking tracks, and wonderful picnic facilities. The geological features comprise the Lake Surprise, a wonderful crater lake, a natural bridge, lava canals, lava blisters, a natural bridge, lava cake, and collapsed lava tunnels. If you have planned to have a picnic here, then make sure you have packed enough lunch for everyone. Keep a torch for better exploration.

Summer is even a season for trips and tours. When you are seeking a family-friendly destination within your budget, then Port Fairy will suit your budget. Book a family accommodation at Port Fairy where you can return to enjoy some quality time with your family after spending an exciting time outside at the tourist-friendly spots.

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