The Difference Between An Accountant And A Financial Advisor

Often you must have wondered whether to hire a financial advisor or a chartered accountant for assisting with your business finances. They might seem to offer similar services from outside but there are marked differences between the two and will be of the great guide to take the final decision everywhere regarding your Hobart based business. Your needed service level regarding your business finances and your overall objective to achieve to hire the professional determines whom you should hire benefit your situation. Take a closer look at pronounced differences between a financial advisor and an accountant to understand their job roles.


The Job Responsibilities Of An Accountant

Different roles within accountancy are covered within one accountancy service thanks to the works of the accountants. The accountancy firms outsource their teams to handle each phase of accountancy and cover all your requirements. Such accountancy areas comprise of:

• Tax Preparation and Advice: The accountants provide you with the apt tax advice necessary for your business in Hobart. At the same time, they ensure to correctly process and manage the important tax forms, self-assessment, and the types of taxes, your company has to pay.

• Book-keeping: A company’s financial record maintenance includes the payroll, accounts receivable and accounts payable, and the balance sheets. This forms the basis of superior accountancy service.

• Auditing: Auditing is extremely useful as a security measure to make sure you are aloof from overspending. Audits even ensure the company money is used for the company’s and employees’ benefits in an upright way.

The Job Responsibilities Of A Financial Advisor

A financial advisor always guides you in finance management and organization. A professional financial advisor always provides you the right information on the high yielding investment options for your business. They help you to understand the proper methods to handle your finances so you can reach your financial goals.
Many businesses hire financial advisors when the business owners are stressed about cash flow and immediately need a way to bring the finances back on track or to expand their business and to form a related supporting plan. The main job role of the financial advisors is guiding you about the right time and place for making investments.

Are The Accountants Able To Give Financial Advice?

The accountants can only offer financial advice on the basis of your present accounts receivable and account payable. But they cannot tell you how you should invest or spend your money. When you hire the accountants, you are hiring them to handle the accounting processes for your business in Hobart. Along with the accounting services, they can make you aware of the potentially risky areas to come up in the future and the flexible areas from your business viewpoint where you can clearly focus.

Let us draw a concluding line highlighting when should you hire an accountant. Accounting is always best when it is externally done with the help of a hired accountant who has the experience to offer a much clear view regarding your business finances. When you hire an accountant for accounting needs right in the beginning, your business proceedings will be easier and smoother, while ensuring long-term security. You can cut down on the risks of unfortunate tax and financial issues from coming up. Hence, safe accounting and business procedures are safe with their help.

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