7 Steps On The Sea Freight Forwarding Processes

With the international shipments being the chief concern, typically five physical steps and two documentation stages are involved which should be completed. All the seven steps have to be negotiated between the agents responsible for shipping.

Sea freight forwarding process

i. Export Haulage

The first step of sea freight shipping services export haulage that is the movement of goods to the warehouse of the freight forwarders from the premises of the shipper. The movement is possible owing to trucks and trains. But according to the geographical locations and distance, it might even take from a few hours to some weeks.

ii. Exporting The Custom Clearance

Before the cargo left from the origin, they need clearance from the goods originating country, and the licensed customs brokers perform the clearance process. They submit the cargo details along with the needed shipping documents. Often an agreement is made between the shipper and consignee responsible for this very process.

iii. Origin Handling

The freight forwarders perform different activities in the process of origin handling. It starts with the cargos being received at the spot where it will be unloaded. Next, they validate the cargo against the details of booking and then the forwarders issue the cargo receipts.

iv. Importing The Customs Clearance

The authorities at the destination country where the gods have to move should check with the paperwork of the import customs. This paperwork is the declaration of the value and types of goods being shipped. The import customs clearance process could begin before the arrival of the cargos at the destination, and it is different from the customs duty. Hence, it is the responsibility of the sea freight shipping service persons like the freight forwarders and the nominated custom clearance brokers to carry out the import customs clearance.

v. Destination Handling

The prime activities performed at the freight forwarder’s destination office are receiving the documents from the origin’s freight forwarder office. It includes checking the documents and submitting all the carrier bill. The freight forwarder takes care to handle the process.

vi. Importing Haulage

The cargo’s movement from the warehouse of the imported location to the cargo’s final destination is said to be import haulage. The freight forwarders undertake the import haulage and the consignee chooses to collect the goods and the cargo.

vii. Fast Track Deliveries

Preparing for next day delivery is something that greatly benefits the clients in ardent need of immediate freight forwarding services. It means that the goods should be transported to the European destination within the day, and the freight shipping services arrange for transportation with the utmost efficiency and affordability.

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The discussed steps outline the freight forwarding process, which the companies undergo, international trade. In this process, the freight forwarders play a major role, which includes charting out the right route for the best travel options for the benefit of the consignees.

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