5 Types Of Beautiful Landscape Designs

A landscape is a beautiful addition of any property. It enhances the beauty of the property and also provides a natural feeling. If you are planning to decorate your yard or lawn, creating a beautiful landscape can be the best option. Today’s blog mainly aims at different types of landscape designs. Let’s start the quick discussion below.

Formal Landscape Design

Formal Landscape Design: Formal landscape is the most traditional landscaping design that uses geometrical shapes as well as a number of straight lines. This kind of landscape can be designed very easily. The formal style landscape is simple and unique. It can be constructed based on the size of the property’s area. In Thurgoona many property owners prefer formal landscape design. Professional landscape contractors in Thurgoona can design this style uniquely.

English Garden

English Garden: An English garden is also known as English landscape park that always accentuates harmony between the garden and the property. This landscape design is also highly preferred by many homeowners in Thurgoona. The English garden is the most organized and beautiful garden. It offers a natural-looking landscape and the entire area is connected by a path. It is classified into 2 different types. They include cottage gardens & country gardens. However, high maintenance is required to keep this landscape beautiful.

Oriental Landscape Design

Oriental Landscape Design: Oriental landscape design or garden is mostly found in the small backyards. It generally contains water & rock features. Several types of garden plants including topiary, and junipers are also found in this type of landscape. The oriental landscape is quite small but compact. Small ponds, fountains, and other garden accessories can be installed there. If you are planning to decorate your yard with this landscape design, call the residential landscaping experts as early as possible.

Cottage Garden

Cottage Garden: Cottage garden is one kind of English garden which is a very popular style in Thurgoona. This is also considered as an old-style landscape. A cottage garden mainly consists of roses, hydrangeas, lilacs, magnolia trees, etc. Cottage garden landscapes are ideal for cottage type houses. They are also small and compact. A beautiful cottage garden is always well-manicured & organized. This is a high maintenance garden landscape. Regular fertilizing, and pruning are highly required.

The Mediterranean Landscape

The Mediterranean Landscape: The Mediterranean garden or landscape mainly consists of Cypress, Junipers, and Olive trees. This garden mainly consists of a water pond or a water feature. This type of landscape design is unique and many homeowners in Thurgoona prefer this type of landscape.

So, these are the most beautiful and unique landscape designs. So, what are you waiting for? If you would like to build a beautiful & compact landscape, contact a landscaping company in Thurgoona soon.

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