How To Remove Fake Blood From The Carpet After Halloween?

remove fake blood from the carpet after Halloween_.jpg

🎃 Halloween is one of the popular events in Melbourne and it is not so far. So, you have already started planning for this event. Fake blood is the most iconic thing about this party but if it is identified on your favourite carpet then it will be very annoying. So, what to do if your carpet is covered with fake blood? Here we have discussed some blood stain removal steps for you.

Gather all the tools and supplies: If you want to remove the fake blood stains from the carpet then you should gather some common supplies and tools. For this purpose, you will need a piece of cloth, spray bottle, salt paste, diluted detergent, high-speed fan etc.

Blotting: After gathering all the tools and supplies, you need to start the operation. Firstly, you need to blot the stained area by using a small cloth or a towel and remove the stains as much as possible. If the stain is covered a large area on your carpet then start the blotting process from the edges. However, don’t rub the area.

Spraying: Once you have blotted the area, you need to spray some cold water on it. For this, you should use a spray bottle. Always remember, hot or warm water is not ideal for fake flood stains. So, don’t use it. If you use warm water, the stain will be deeply absorbed into the carpet fibre. Then blot the area again.

Add some salt pastes: If the blood stain is not completely removed after spraying then you can add a little number of salt pastes. To do this, mix the salt into cold water and make a paste. Then gently blot the paste on the stained area. However, salt may damage your carpet fibre. So, vacuum the area after completing the process.

Clean with diluted detergent: In this step, you need to make a solution of diluted detergent and water and then apply the solution by using a spray bottle on the are for removing remaining stains. Always remember, don’t use such detergents which consist of lanolin or bleach.

Wet for drying: Now the process is almost finished. In this step, you need to turn on your high speed to fan. The airflow helps to dry the area properly. It takes 1 to 2 hours for drying completely. After that, brush or vacuum the entire carpet to restore its original shape.

In this way, you can remove blood stains from the carpet. If you are busy then you can hire carpet cleaning experts. They will take care of your carpet and properly remove all kinds of stains.

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