Ways To Eliminate 4 Carpet Stains After Halloween

Halloween is a popular holiday in Perth. Adults and children both enjoy this party very much but when the colourful and wild party is over, it’s very common to notice your carpets covered in several stains such as fake blood stains, chocolate stains, pumpkin stains, wax stains etc. In this article, we will discuss, some carpet cleaning techniques just after Halloween parties.

Remove Fake Blood Stains From the Carpet:
Fake blood is common in Halloween. They are easily absorbed into the carpet fibres accidentally. So, to remove the fake bloodstains, a special treatment is highly required. At first, you have to mix a certain amount of dish-washing detergent with water in a bottle. Then apply the solution on the stained area of your carpet with the help of a spray bottle. After that, you have to blot the area by using a clean towel properly. The solution helps to remove all the fake blood stains from it.

Eliminate the Chocolate Stains from the Carpet:
After fake blood, chocolate stains are also common for your carpet. However, as similar to the fake blood, you can easily remove from the carpet fibre. For removing the chocolate stains, firstly you need to scrape the chocolate residue by using a knife very carefully. After that, mix a certain amount of carpet stain cleaner with water. Then spray the solution by using a spray bottle. Once you have applied, rub the area with the help of a clean cloth. Carpet cleaner has enough power to clean the chocolate stains.

Eliminate The Smashed Pumpkin Stains:
Pumpkin is the most important thing in every Halloween party. However, smashed pumpkin stains are extremely annoying. These stains are very hard. To remove the pumpkin stains, firstly you need to scrape the excess stains from the carpet by using a knife. After that, make a solution of hard stain remover and a certain amount of water. Then you need to apply the solution on the stained surface by using a spray bottle. Now, clean the area by using a piece of cloth and wait for drying.

Take Out the Candle Wax Stains:
Last but not least, wax stains are really frustrating. To remove the wax stains, firstly, you need to install a brown paper sheet on the stain. After that, move an iron over the paper sheet very carefully. In this way, the melted wax will be absorbed in the paper bag. After that, clean the remaining stains by using rubbing alcohol and wait for drying.

In this way, you can remove such stains from your carpet. If you are not able to remove such stains from the carpet then you need to call a professional who will easily remove all kinds of carpet stains very professionally.

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