Commercial Cleaning Products & Janitorial Equipment Used By Professionals

Commercial Cleaning Products (1).jpg
There are different kinds of commercial cleaning products and janitorial equipment that are used by professional companies to clean and maintain offices, retail stores, hospitals, institutions and other commercial buildings in Perth. Want to know what those products and equipment are that they often use? Have a look below to know about them and how effective they are:

Floor Squeegees: Floor squeegees can clean & dry floors in a single motion. It is ideal for high traffic regions that are prone to slip and fall accidents. Usually, in areas where water is likely to gather and lacks drainage, these squeegees work best. They can move a huge amount of water from different kinds of floor surfaces very quickly thereby reducing the risk to fall. 22-inch water wand is used for removing water in mid-size garages, kitchens and different other settings. 30-inch water wand is used for industrial environments & huge area clean up. It is also used to apply a sealer to the decks and driveways.

Sponge Scrubbers, Sponges and Hand Pads: Professional companies use sponges and scrubbers to handle different kinds of cleaning jobs like removal of stubborn marks from wallpaper and drywall without abrasives or chemicals, removal of stuck-on food from the utensils, cleaning up of spills & messes, lifting finish from the floors and such others. Some kinds of sponges & scrubbers go great with cleaning products whereas others are used dry.

Graffiti Removal Products: Graffiti is often problematic & upsetting. However, with the use of right cleaners graffiti is removed by commercial cleaning companies in Perth. The professionals often use graffiti removers in different forms including soy-based gel, an effective paste, a water-based spray and convenient wipes and make cleaning a worry-free affair. By using these powerful graffiti removers they remove stubborn stains like stains made from marker, ink, crayon, ballpoint pen and lipstick, which you could never even think of removing.

Air Fresheners: Commercial cleaners very well know the importance of aroma in a well-cleaned space. It is for this reason they use a wide range of odour control products that freshen-up the air & eliminates the odours. Odours in restrooms, lobbies, reception areas or offices are often the cause of negative impression. To ensure that negative impressions aren’t created, air fresheners are used in battery-free, battery-operated, solid, aerosol or liquid forms.

Floor squeegees, sponge scrubbers, sponges, hand pads, graffiti removers and air fresheners are some of the most common commercial cleaning products that are used by cleaning companies in Perth. These products are very beneficial in keeping the commercial spaces spick-and-span.

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