How To Make Things Simple To Satisfy And Retain Clients?

Digital agencies work hard to achieve goals for the clients. Making constant campaigns, deep data analysis, ensuring month on month growth is not an easy task, and even all the hard work is done, KPIs are met and the projects are delivered, much online marketing agencies fail to effectively communicate the value of their efforts to the clients.

What Is The Reality?

It is quite common that a client may suddenly want to take a break from the channel as they might think the channel is not converting well. But the reality might be different, the client may be not looking at the right metrics. Let’s take the organic search, for example, a client may look at a drop in New Users and Sessions and may think there is low engagement, however it does not reveal the complete story. If CTR of the site increases and the conversion volume goes up it signifies that the client is achieving the right traffic and the client is getting more revenue as well.

Help Clients In Understanding Data

Help Clients In Understanding Data

It is important to understand what is in the mind of the clients. Educate them with necessary metrics and show them how to compare those metrics to previous methods for getting a more accurate growth picture. There is so much to learn, educate clients the concept of traffic, CTR, time on site, ROI, CVR, also show them how to read the data and analyse the behaviour of the customers or users. Most of the clients are from the non-technical background or away from IT or Digital, so it is quite challenging, but if you have to retain clients, you must give it a try.

Delivery Commitment

As an online marketing agency expert, you may wish to share smashing performance results, especially to the clients those who do not know about digital marketing and all that. It is a great feeling to share some useful data, however, be careful while delivering those sensitive data. You must present it in an organised and a digestible manner.

Use data as proof of success, embrace transparency between you and your clients. Prepare easy to read reports so that the client can understand everything. Lastly, if you plan to start dealing with a new client or you are doing not so well with the existing clients, better take your time and educate them with the concepts. If needed held a meeting and discuss what do you want to do, what is your approach, your client will have a clear idea of what is going on. In this way, you can establish with your client and can retain them.

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