An Overview Of Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Fea analysis services - Fernandes and AssociatesFinite Element Analysis (FEA) is capable of improving structural or component design of any structure. By simulating how a product item will react to real-world forces (fluid flow, vibration, heat low and other physical effects) the FEA analysis services will offer necessary assistance to improve designs to optimise them for the real-world applications.

Basically, in complicated geometries, material properties and in loadings, you cannot get proper analytical solutions, so here it can help you to find out the potential failure points before you start your project.

With the help of the FEA you can simulate the stresses that a component or structure encounters, it will let you optimise the weight, identify the right materials and lessens the costs without compromising integrity.

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You can use FEA in several ways, you can use it to analyse the dynamic stress and vibration of structures, optimise the design of failing mechanical parts, residual stress prediction on components like castings.

You can also use FEA analysis services for analysing torsional and bending strains in rotating shafts.

There are several advantages of using the Finite Element Analysis, the main advantages are –

  • The main advantage is that it provides ‘Virtual Testing’.
  • You can solve the design problem even though you have no prototype with you, it means you can solve it in the Conceptual Phase from the 3D CAD model.
  • With the help of FEA, you can predict the stress concentrations, displacement and strains (static analysis) for complicated structures.
  • Provides a good visualization of the structural behaviour and failure under various loading conditions.
  • It let you calculate the dynamic properties of a structure like natural frequencies, mode shapes.
  • Increases accuracy and has all the answers for all complex real-time problem.
  • Provides better insight into critical design parameters (cost, weight and strength).
  • Requires fewer hardware prototypes in the testing phase to correlate with the FEA results.
  • Increases productivity
    1. House construction design can be conducted with the help of the CAD model, and that CAD design can be updated and can be tested in FEA on the basis of FEA results.
    2. The process gets repeated until satisfactory results are obtained.
    3. Based on FEA analysis service, few prototypes are produced and then are tested with optimised design.
  • Enhances revenues (fewer prototypes needed for testing, come with failure prediction warranty life)

So, if you plan to use Finite Element Analysis in your structural design, you can save yourself from potential headaches, even you can find weaknesses in your design before the actual production starts. So, FEA assessment helps a safer product, enhances productivity and saves your money.

The above guideline outlines all the benefits of FEA assessment.

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