Printer Cartridges Explained

There are mainly two types of printers using two different types of cartridges. Those cartridges can be classified into two categories – ink and toner cartridges. Printers work on two basic mechanisms using cartridges according to their type.

There are several companies excelling in the printing industry with their reliable and excellent printers. The irony is that the price of the equipment has gradually come down to easy affordability while cartridges remaining constantly expensive. Suppose you are buying four ink cartridges and the cost you will have to bear would be equivalent to a brand-new printer.

Experts in ink cartridges have come up with different methods to deal with expensive cartridges. One way is to refill the ink cartridges once the default ink is exhausted, but this method is time consuming and rigorous. Another way to cut down the the cost of cartridges is using generic and re-manufactured cartridges. Re-manufactured cartridges are available online and getting supplies from a reputed supplier is a good idea.

Genuine HP CE255A Toner CartridgeThe wise choice:

Whether you are buying HP printer cartridges, Canon printer cartridges or from any other brand, you might not be aware of the fact that all cartridges are composed of the same ink. Generic and re-manufactured cartridges are manufactured using same components as their branded counter-parts, and are often subsets of brands like HP, Brother, Canon, Xerox, etc. These cartridges are way cheaper than branded ones, and brands have obvious reasons for charging higher prices. Big brands spend a lot of money in advertisement and the cost is included in their cartridge prices.

Understanding the recycling process:

Compatible HP Q5945A Toner Cartridge 45AConsumers are always skeptical about the ink-quality of a re-manufactured or generic cartridge. However, there is no need to worry as generic ones are often made in the same plant by the same company along with the branded ones. Re-manufacturing or recycling cartridges is important to avoid natural hazard as the cartridges are not biodegradable.

Advantages of re-manufactured or generic cartridges:

• Generic and re-manufactured cartridges are substantially cheaper than their branded counter-parts.

• Re-manufactured and generic cartridges are available abundantly and can easily be ordered form any online or offline supplier.

• Companies that make generic or re-manufactured cartridges are extremely reliable as they also produce branded cartridges.

• Online suppliers of cartridges have generous return policies and great customer service to cover all your issues.

So if you are in need of printer cartridges and can not resolve to an option, then this information might be helpful to you. Choosing generic or re-manufactured cartridges is always a wise decision if you are willing to save yourself some money.


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