How Can Depressed People Keep From Gaining Weight?

Health and Wellness Coaching

Depressed People -Gaining WeightAre you one of those millions of people in the world battling depression right now? If yes, then it can be possible that you have experienced some weight gain recently, and starving yourself has not really worked in favour of your aim to shed those extra kilogrammes. Did you know that depression & obesity are actually intertwined with each other in some ways? Although it can be the other way around for some people (weight loss due to depression) as well, the chances of gaining weight due to the “blues” are about 58%, according to a study conducted in Netherlands.

The triggers

Now you might be wondering as to how depression can be responsible for your obesity. There are a couple of triggers which can make that happen:

  • If you have seasonal affective disorder, you are bound to gain weight during winter for being sluggish.
  • Binge eating can become an…

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