Buy The Perfect Diamond Ring For Your Love

Buying women’s diamond rings is not an easy task for men. There are a lot of things that are to be considered in order to make the best purchase.

Consider your budget

Decide the amount you want to spend on the engagement ring. Always keep that in mind while shopping. Let your jeweler know the specific parameters as that will help in finding the right ring within the budget.

Know her ring size

This is a very important that you need to consider. Most of the time men find the ring of their choice within their budget but fail to select the right size. So that you do not face the same problem, ask your girlfriend to give you a ring that she does not wear anymore but fits her finger well. Give the measurement of the ring to the jeweler and ask to give a ring of that size.

Consider the 4Cs

Buying a diamond ring for a woman seems to be a daunting. You need to have some knowledge about the stone or else you may not be able to choose a quality one. When choosing diamond, it is thus important for you to consider the 4Cs – colour, cut, carat weight and clarity.

Know what style and shape she would prefer

If you are not aware of what kind of diamond shape she would prefer wearing, better stick to classics like square or round. However, shapes like oval, round and marquise pair well with other kinds of shapes in a multi-stone ring. Heart and pear shapes are bit challenging. In any case if you find that she prefers a bohemian or eclectic look, then she would definitely like unusual shapes such as marquise or triangle. And as far as style of the ring is concerned, you can go for round-shaped diamonds as they are cut in an excellent style.

Decide on the setting

Setting in a ring refers to the manner the diamond is placed on it. In order to choose the setting, you need to know what she would prefer. You can go for tiffany setting if you think she would prefer the name on the ring. Eternity band can also be your choice if you think of buying for her a ring that has diamonds set all over. Bezel ring, channel setting and pave are other options. However, if you want you can even go for combinations of various settings.

These are the five most important things that every man should keep in their mind while buying a diamond ring for the girl he wants to marry. So, you also keep these in your mind!

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