What Do You Understand By Green Building?

What Do You Understand By Green Building (2)
No, it is not a building which is green in colour. Some people even misconstrue it by thinking green buildings are those properties which have a backside or frontal garden with lawns full of vegetation. But the concept of Green building is actually defined as construction using materials that are sustainable and environmentally safe. The main objective behind this technique is to lower the negative impact on the environment and at the same time make the building safe and healthier for everyone. There are three basic parts which a structure must maintain to get a ‘green building’ tag.

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Non-toxic Materials
  • Reduced Consumption (fuel and resource)

Energy Efficiency – Are you worried about the gas price and the monthly electricity bills? Building an energy efficient housing complex may cost you significantly, but it is an investment which will be fruitful throughout your lifetime. Energy efficient building lowers down electricity and gas consumption. It benefits you via long term saving plans and also saves your next generation ecologically. There is a lot of energy efficient materials available for different states and regions depending on the climatic situations. Currently the Australian government has given energy efficient building a special attention. The energy star rating on numerous electrical appliances is given to meet the government standards for conservation of energy.

Non-toxic Materials – Toxic materials are a great threat to human beings. The arsenic that is used to treat woods to build decks, kitchen and bath cabinets, insulation and different furniture, can cause allergies, asthma and multiple chemical sensitivity. Arsenic is nothing but formaldehyde, which is a known carcinogen. The good news is that the demand of non-toxic materials are on the rise. We have understood the need of it before it got too late. Sustainability consulting in Australia recommend bamboo flooring and walls. Bamboo flooring is not only cheaper but also imparts great beauty to the framework of your home.

Reduced Consumption – You might have heard of the plea to buy materials from local stores rather than ordering it from outside by transportation. This is basically to reduce transportation costs and pollution. This is why most of the builders today prefer using recycled or reclaimed building materials.

When you are planning to give your building the green tag make sure that the architect considers the aspects of the building that must be green. Sometimes, it isn’t practical to make every single phase of the building with green materials. Sometimes, they interfere with the availability and end up in being an expensive move. So, the technique of green building has to be executed after careful assessment and planning.

One thought on “What Do You Understand By Green Building?

  1. Arsenic is an element, and formaldehyde is an organic compound. Both seriously harmful but not the same. Green building here in the land of freedom? I suggest your addressing the matter to our current administration, where pollution-factory executives now have secretarial positions.


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