Use of Drones In Real Estate Marketing

Use of Drones In Real Estate Marketing
For the last two years, drone photography has been a booming industry in the field of real estate. Selling a house can be a stressful process, that is why UAV (unmanned air vehicle) photography is added to provide an extra layer of technological assistance.

Here’s how an UAV drone acts as a helping hand:

tumblr_nf0m8p2Bpn1ro6csdo1_5001) Show the entire property – One universal truth about home buyers is that, their core visualisation is based on space. For example, if you have a 3 acre space in your backyard, you probably cannot show it properly as 75 percent of it is obstructed by the surrounding trees. This is the biggest backdrop of a normal photography. The picture unintentionally shows your property as a tiny home. With the help of a drone photography, you can capture the entire yard in just one picture. This will allow the buyer to understand what actually you have got under your belt.

2) It goes viral – Home hunters keep sharing the advertised photos with their friends and families. They may share it for a second opinion but in actual they are randomly sharing your land’s photo. A well taken shot can go viral. The photo does not limit itself inside the boundary of the buyer’s relatives and families.

3) Drone photography captures the entire neighborhood – Apart from the photos, you can also shoot videos of the local neighborhood. This way the buyer will know the environment and surrounding of the house. In simple words, it will serve as a helping hand for the buyers too, as they may not need to schedule a visit. In general, buyers often keep running from place to place to see whether a property on sale fits their requirements or not. Watching a video will let them decide if they must plan a visit while sitting on their couch.

4) Roof access – Did you spend a lot of money on your roof? With aerial photography, you can show that expensive work of decoration and get potential buyers with ease.

How much to pay for this aerial photography?

The pricing of drone photography varies widely depending on the creative services. It also depends upon the skill and reputation of the photographer, your geographical location, and the editing needed. So, the pricing is not fixed and therefore, you must consider researching before you opt for a particular company.

A picture can be worth a thousand words and the stunning images captured by drone cameras can potentially make the difference in sale or no sale.

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