How To Keep Your Restaurant Clean And Hygiene?

How To Keep Your Restaurant Clean And Hygiene?
The first and foremost responsibility of every restaurant owner is to maintain a hygienic and clean area. The cleanliness of every restaurant highlights the quality and reputation of the business. Thus, in order to ensure a good image of your business, there are certain important things which you must take care of. Cleaning and maintaining the hygiene is one of them. Stated below are some of the easiest methods of keeping your restaurant neat and tidy, as well as hygienic. Have a look at them –

  1. Make a list of the cleaning duties – Make a list of daily, weekly and monthly cleaning tasks and assign them to individual employees of your restaurant. Ensure that your employees have enough knowledge regarding cleaning tasks. Also, ask them to maintain the cleanliness as much as they can in order to avoid the upkeep burdens.
  2. Clean throughout the day – Instead of keeping the cleaning task for later, prefer to clean different places throughout a working day. For instance, clean the griller with a brush frequently, change the cutting trays, keep the preparation area neat and tidy, keep separate cutting boards for vegetables, meats and fishes, etc. Trash must be emptied and cleared too. All these simple cleaning procedures can be done the whole day in order to have spic and span premises at the end of the day.
  3. At night – After the restaurant is closed, wash counter tops, work station counters and stoves with a good detergent powder. Clear the grease traps as well. Remove uncovered food from the place. Each individual chef of your restaurant must be responsible for his/her own counter. The head chef must check and inspect each counter properly, because this person is the only one who will be held responsible for an ill-maintained kitchen.
  4. Weekly – Schedule a weekly task for all your employees. If required, opt for a rotational cleaning task. The cleaning task must include sanitation of the floors, sinks, clearing the ovens, drains, coffee makers and so on. It is good to do a specific task on a specific day. For instance, assign the job of cleaning the sinks to your employees on every Tuesday.
  5. Monthly – Sometimes extra time is needed to clean some difficult areas. For example, coffee stains are hard to remove. These require handling with extra care. Thus, engage your employees for this kind of jobs on a monthly basis.

However the task of cleaning is not that easy as it seems. To get a satisfied results, it is always advisable to hire a professional cleaner providing commercial and office cleaning services in Chatswood who can serve with quality cleaning service.


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