Energy Assessment Services Offered By Frys Energywise

Energy Assessment Services Offered By Frys Energywise
Nowadays, construction of any kind of property, be it residential or commercial, requires strict adherence to energy efficient standards for ensuring eco-friendly builds. And to make that happen, there are many companies in NSW who perform special energy compliance assessments. Frys Energywise is one such company, which has been aiding in construction of energy efficient homes since 2008. It is owned solely by Ian Fry, who is a reputed figure in the building industry of NSW. Under his guidance, Frys Energywise has efficiently and accurately performed home and building sustainability assessments for several projects.

The company has a wide range of services to offer to clients, and they include:

NatHERS Assessments

NatHERS (Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme) offers star ratings to homes based on their potential energy usage. It is administered by the Department of Industry, Innovation & Science. The NatHERS accredited professionals of Frys are qualified to conduct home energy ratings with the help of a special purpose-built software.

Section J Assessments

Frys Energywise is also licensed to provide both the options for Section J assessments as per the National Construction Code of Australian Building Codes Board.

ABSA and BDAV Assessments

Due to having membership of the ABSA (Australian Building Sustainability Association) as well as the BDAV (Building Designers Association of Victoria), Frys can offer NatHERS approved compliance analysis for both.

BASIX Assessment

Frys provides BASIX (Building Sustainability Index) certificate and reports in order to deliver effective & equitable reduction of greenhouse gases. BASIX was launched by the government of NSW on the 1st of July in 2004.

6 Star Energy Compliance

In some Australian states, including NSW, achieving at least 6 star energy rating is mandatory for homes, under National Construction Code. Again, Frys can lend its helping hand to any residential project to make sure it complies with the required 6 star energy rating.

BASIX Additions & Alterations

BASIX is applicable to all kinds of additions and alterations valued at fifty thousand dollars or more. Being a NatHERS Accredited assessor, Frys can provide assistance with that as well.

Energy Efficient Housing Developments

As a registered energy assessor, Frys can undertake thermal assessments of housing developments to make sure that they meet the necessary energy compliance.

BASIX Certificate For Granny Flats

Secondary dwellings, popularly known as granny flats, require a BASIX certificate in addition to an application for their construction. Frys can aid to obtain that certificate too.

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