Commercial Carpet Cleaning Before Christmas

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Before Christmas
You might have heard the word ‘Christmas’ about a hundred times from your employees already. As the festival is only a few weeks away, everyone is busy preparing for the big day and your management team has probably even started to plan a pre-Christmas celebrations party before everyone leaves for the holidays. But prior to hosting an X-mas bash, it is imperative that you take certain measures to make your office space as immaculate as possible. And one of those measures is carpet cleaning.

The commercial carpets in your premises take the brunt of heavy foot traffic, occasional spills and other contaminants. Therefore, it is utmost essential that you take steps to ensure their proper maintenance before the arrival of Christmas. Here a few tips that you can use to get the job done efficiently:

Regular Vacuuming

In order to get rid of dust mites, soils and other pollutants from the carpets, you must have them vacuumed at least once on every working day. Doing so would not only increase the lifespan of your flooring investments, but also prevent them from triggering respiratory issues like asthma & allergy in your workers. Ask your janitorial staff to use HEPA filters and string suction for better results.

Immediate Elimination Of Spills

Allowing food or drink spills to remain on a carpet for a long time can cause the substance to form stubborn stains or even damage the fibres. Therefore, instruct your in-house cleaning personnel to clean up spills immediately. At the time of cleaning, the spill should not be rubbed against the surface, otherwise it can make the stain spread all over the rug.

Removal Of Odours With Baking Soda

Do your office carpets smell? If yes, then they are bound to dampen the mood of any Christmas party. Fortunately, there is one solution that can help you to deal with the problem – baking soda. Many people use baking soda to mask foul odours of carpets. All you need to do is spread a small amount of the substance on your floorings.

Hiring Professionals

Last but not the least, hire a reliable and experienced business offering commercial carpet cleaning services in North Sydney. The outcome achieved by the professionals would be far more enhanced than the work done by your in-house janitorial staff.

Once you are done checking out all of the above mentioned from your list, you will be ready to start preparing for a fantastic office Christmas party.


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