Why Is Wetting A Carpet Extensively For Cleaning Not Good?

Why Is Wetting A Carpet Extensively For Cleaning Not Good?
Companies that provide commercial carpet cleaning generally use one or more of the methods widely opted for in order to get the job done. The task of eliminating dirt, grime and other contaminants from an office rug is quite overwhelming. This is because carpets literally act as air filters inside buildings by removing microscopic debris from the atmosphere and ensuring a healthy working environment for everyone. As such, their fibres usually house a lot of pollutants that can be removed only by using the right dirt extraction method. However, sometimes the best carpet cleaning techniques are used by amateurs in an improper way, which causes damage to the floor material.

Hot water extraction, popularly known as steam cleaning, is perhaps the most common method used for the maintenance of commercial rugs. It involves pumping of water into the flooring material for suspending the pollutants in the solution. Normally a detergent is mixed in the water prior to application and it helps to loosen up the accumulated soils. Also, the solution is warmed a bit for breaking down any existing grease. After the carpet has been steam cleaned, it is vacuumed for removing residual dirt and then left to dry.

Some professionals think that using more water in steam cleaning can bear better results, but that is where they make the mistake and cause the entire technique to lose its usefulness. According to experts of carpet cleaning in Chatswood, hot water extraction uses a kind of horizontal platform having countless vertical surfaces that are intertwined to form a mesh, which holds dirt particles. Too much saturation can cause the particles to get clumped up and pumped into the carpet instantly.

Besides pushing the dirt back into the flooring material and packing it deep inside, excessive wetting can also cause it to surface when the carpet has been left for drying by means of evaporation. Thus, even after a thorough cleanup, spots that seemed to disappear earlier would return and make the whole thing a waste of time and money.

Thus, when cleansing commercial carpets, professionals are never to make use of more water than is needed to get the job done efficiently. While looking for a good service provider, one must ask about all these things to prospective cleaning firms. A reputed company offering carpet maintenance services would never make the mistake of using excess water for steam cleaning.


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