How Can The Dirt On Your Office Carpet Make You Sick?

How Can The Dirt On Your Office Carpet Make You Sick
Ignoring the importance of cleaning office carpets regularly is one of the biggest blunders that any business can make. When these floorings become dirty, they can hamper the visual appeal of the premises and also trigger various health issues among the workers. Don’t believe it? Here’s how the dirt being housed by your dirty carpets can make you sick:

Respiratory Diseases From Dust Particles

Every single day that your office remains open, your carpets collect a large amount of dirt and dust from shoes, things brought inside from the outside, etc. These dust particles accumulate on the rugs and hide within their fibres. And the contaminants can, later on, get dispersed into the air and cause respiratory problems like bronchitis and asthma to you as well as your employees.

Allergies & Infections Due To Dust Mites

Most of us know that dust mites are microscopic living organisms who tend to reside in cushions, bedsheets, pillows and also, carpets. But what you might not know is that these organisms can multiply rapidly and are capable of triggering major health issues like infections, allergies and respiratory problems as well.

Discomfort Because Of Foul Smell From Mould Formation

Moulds are not uncommon on office carpets and they can easily form from accidental liquid spills, if not cleaned immediately. Formation of moulds within office carpets can lead to generation of stench that may cause discomfort to the workers. Besides that, mould spores floating in the air can also initiate allergic infections in people with weak immune systems.

Illness From Animal Danders

Animal danders are really tiny animal skin particles. They can be unintentionally carried by the garments of your employees or even you (in case you have a pet at home), and then get dropped on the carpets. Animal danders are potentially dangerous to the health of humans because they may be the vector of any disease carried by the animals of which they were a part of.

If you wish to avoid these dangers and boost the productivity of your employees rather than hampering it, hire a professional carpet cleaner in Brookvale and ensure proper upkeep of your carpets. Doing so would not only allow you to reap the benefits of increased productivity, but also enhance the lifespan of your carpets. There are plenty of reputed cleaning firms who provide high quality carpet cleaning services in Brookvale as well as all of North Sydney.


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