Misconceptions That People Have About Carpet Steam Cleaning

Misconceptions That People Have About Carpet Steam Cleaning
Most company owners know very well the importance of maintaining clean carpets within their office premises. Carpets that receive proper upkeep not only help to ensure a healthy working environment for employees, but also set up a good image of the company in front of clients visiting the place. However, when it comes to selecting the right cleaning method, business owners often get confused as to which one they should pick. As if that is not enough, some misconceptions spring up every now and then to further fuel the confusion. In this blog, we will discuss a few myths behind hot water extraction or steam cleaning of carpets:

1. Steam Cleaning Should Be Used After Extensive Usage

This myth has probably arose from retailers of carpets, who keep telling their customers that the flooring materials should not be steam cleaned before they have been used extensively for a long period of time. This is nothing but a strategy to increase sales. The longer the dirt stays within the fibres, the shorter the rug’s lifespan will be. Therefore, this myth is a lie.

2. Drying Time Of Hot Water Extraction Method Is Very Long

The time necessitated by a carpet to dry up after it has been steam cleaned depends on several factors, such as temperature, humidity, thickness of pile, ventilation, airflow, etc. A good professional carpet cleaner in Brookvale would always ensure the favorability of these factors for quick drying. It can only take a long time for the flooring to dry if the professional is inexperienced and clumsy.

3. Steam Cleaning Causes Shrinkage

This myth holds true only when a carpet is sprayed with excess water by an inefficient cleaner. Oversaturation leads to longer drying time, which causes the fibres to shrink. However, the method of hot water extraction itself can never be responsible for shrinkage when executed properly.

4. Steam Cleaning Promotes Mildew Growth

Many people assume that spraying water on a carpet will lead to proliferation of mould and mildew on them. However, the technique involves application of moisture in thin mists rather than jets of water. Besides that, most reputed cleaning professionals ensure the material dries properly after hot water extraction. This eliminates any chance of mildew growth.

If you have believed these myths until now, ditch them immediately and opt for steam cleaning service to enhance the durability of your office carpets and keep them clean.

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