How To Get A Black Bouquet

Getting  a black flower bouquetGetting a black flower bouquet arranged for may sound like a difficult task, but is not actually tough if you have good local florists available. A black floral arrangement may be required for different reasons or occasions, perhaps for the birthday of someone whose favourite shade is black. No matter whatever the purpose is, acquiring an all-dark bouquet is easier than you think.

For certain occasions, a bouquet made out of artificial silk flowers is acceptable. And many discount & craft stores sell a variety of them in black, such as lilies, tulips, roses, sunflowers and even daisies. It can be very simple to choose from among these options and make a wonderful black floral arrangement. A florist may be able to do this task as well, and have the bouquet delivered to the address of the buyer or the recipient.

The above mentioned idea of a silk bouquet may not appeal to those who like the natural, prettier and more attractive appearance of an arrangement made out of real blooms. However, the major problem is that black flowers do not actually occur in nature. There are, of course, black roses available. But they are quite rare and very expensive. Hybrid tulips in dark colours can be bought, but these blooms appear more dark blue or purple at times than black.

Getting a black flower bouquet

In order to create an authentic black bouquet, a florist will have to dye white blooms black. And there are a number of species that can be used for this purpose. Carnations, gladiolas, lilies and roses are all common options. Daisies or hydrangea may be used as well. Besides that, a good florist will also be able to suggest other possibilities.

According to personal preferences, a black floral bouquet may be arranged using either a single type of flower or multiple choices. Many a florist in Newborough say that a bouquet looks elegant when decorated with green leaves surrounding and nestling its blooms. It does not mean that the flowers wouldn’t have their own leaves, but it can be great to use ferns or some other greenery for enhancing the look.

For adding colour theme to a black bouquet, a braided cord or satin ribbon of the same colour can be tied right around the stems. It may also be fun to have the entire arrangement placed inside a basket or vase, especially a white one because it would provide great contrast.


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