Beneficial Features Of Acrylic Fish Tanks

Beneficial Features Of Acrylic Fish Tanks.jpgEarlier, glass was the standard material used for constructing fish tanks. From contrary to popular belief, it was a mistress of King Louis XV named Madame Du Barry who created the fishbowl in the middle of the 18th century. However, the credit of designing the modern rectangular glass aquarium goes to Robert Warrington, who made his invention available commercially in 1805. They continued to be popular for a major part of the 20th century until acrylic tanks were introduced during the early 1970s.Beneficial Features Acrylic Fish Tanks.jpgLightweight : 
Nowadays, aquariums manufactured using Perspex fabrication in Sydney are preferred over their glass-made counterparts by nearly everyone. And there are several reasons for the extreme popularity of Perspex or acrylic fish tanks. First of all, they are very lightweight. For instance, a 75-litre acrylic aquarium weighs only about 7 kilogrammes.

Highly Customisable & Resistant To Cracks : 
Another advantageous feature of acrylic tanks is their excellent resistance to cracks. They are nearly 17 times stronger than their glass counterparts. They can resist impacts and do not shatter even if dropped accidentally. They can be customised very easily as well. All one needs is a few simple tools to cut a hole into a Perspex fish tank for accommodating plumbing. This ease of personalisation is one of the main reasons why acrylic aquariums are a common choice of fish hobbyists.

Available In Various Shapes & Sizes : 
Since acrylic can be moulded easily by means of fabrication, Perspex tanks can be manufactured in various sizes as well as interesting shapes. That is why they are available pentagons, bullets, hexagons, round spheres, columns and many other appealing shapes, besides the regular rectangular boxes. Some even come with a bowed front for providing an interesting view from the facade.

Offer Better Insulation : 
In case somebody cultures tropical fish or keeps them for aesthetic purposes, they can benefit more using acrylic tanks. This is because Perspex aquariums provide very good insulation. They are capable of retaining heat 20 percent better than their glass counterparts. This means that an aquarium heater may not always be required to maintain an optimum temperature within the tank.

Thus, these are the main reason for increased preference of acrylic aquariums, despite the fact that glass options are quite cheaper. Glass cannot offer uniqueness of shape, a wide range of sizes to choose from, effective insulation, crack & shatter resistance, whereas acrylic can provide all these features. Moreover, one also does not need to worry about the price because Perspex tanks are available at affordable rates.

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