Different Ways To Make Your Wife Feel Special On Her Birthday

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Just wishing your wife on her birthday, giving her a flower bouquet by ordering online flowers in Perth and presenting her some valuable gifts may not be enough to make her feel special on her special day. There are some more things that you should try doing.

Turn birthday presents into buried treasures

Tell your wife that you have hidden all her birthday presents in different areas of the home and so ask her to find them all. Make it a bit romantic by taping a card on the wall of your living room with different romantic messages that lead to the different spots in the home where the gifts are hidden. But remember two things – gifts needs to coincide with the location and that there must be a big hidden surprise for her when she looks out for the last destination.

Get others involved

Taking your wife for dinner on her special day is undoubtedly a great way of celebrating your wife’s birthday but this concept has somehow become boring nowadays. So, what you can do is get everyone close your spouse involved for the occasion. Throw a party in a garden or somewhere else other than your home where your wife would love it and invite family members, friends and all those who hold a special place in your spouse’s life in that gathering. Ask your wife to get ready by time and make sure to plan everything in advance. Remember that the custom cake that you’ve ordered online should reach the destination on time, food should be all set and prepared, the rented vehicle must be right there at your doorstep before you and your wife step out of the house, the vehicle should be decorated with balloons and that there must be some special guests of your spouse sitting inside the kombi on hire for celebrating birthday of your wife in style.

Create an indoor paradise

How about transforming your home sweet home into a spa centre? This is a great way to make your wife feel special on her birthday. What you can do to surprise her is:

  • create a calm atmosphere in the living room
  • drape sheets on couches
  • dim all the lights
  •  place aromatic candles everywhere
  •  set up a facial bar

Just allow her to slip into the robe & relax on sofa while you use aromatic oils for giving her a rejuvenating massage. At last, let her open the gifts & sip on the tropical fruit smoothies & chocolate candies that have been made by you. You can also put rose petals & scented bubble bath in the bathtub.

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