Fixing Common Window Problems

Fixing Common Window Problems
You may face different kinds of problems with windows of your house. Here there are the various problems that you mat face and the ways to fix them. Read them one by one.

Problem 1
Wooden windows may swell during rainy season. Candle wax needs to be rubbed along the sticking edge of the windows for fixing the problem. However, if that doesn’t work, plane the opening edge of casement and take off the extra bit of wood. Unscrew casement from hinges so that you can plane the sticking edge. Bring a screwdriver and tap it with hammer.

Problem 2
You may find a small part of the wooden sill to be rotten. In that case, just replace that part. Cut the sill for using it as a template for the patch. Cut a patch slightly bigger than the rotten part that has been removed and make use of a router for cutting the drip groove. Then screw the patch and plane it smooth.

Problem 3
The mortise-plate for a mortise-type catch may be poorly fitted. In that case, it will make the catch a bit hard to use and may even prevent it from holding the window to be closed securely. Removing the mortise-plate & refitting it rightly is the best thing to do. What you can do first is unscrew that part from window frame and reposition it. Then draw around the inside and outside of that lock with pencil. Make use of a chisel if necessary for adjusting its size. Then re-attach it and make sure that has fit snugly.

Problem 4
Broken glass may cause severe injuries and so removing them safely is important. Always wear work boots, protective gloves & goggles when removing glass from a broken window. Clean the old putty & fixings from rabbet before reglazing. If you think this is not your job, then hire a pro who can reglaze your broken window in Coolum.

Problem 5
You may face a few problems if you have vinyl windows. Vinyl windows need to be maintained very well. Just washing them to clean won’t do. Hinges may need lubrication and catch might need replacement occasionally.

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