Do You Want to Rent, Lease Or Buy a Coffee Machine?

coffee machineHere are the advantages as well as the disadvantages of renting, leasing and buying a coffee machine in Melbourne. Whether you own a hotel, cafe or a restaurant, have a look at the pros and cons of all these three. It will definitely help you decide which option you should opt for. Have a look at them:

Before comparing what services you can get by renting, leasing or buying a coffee machine, it is important for you to first get a clear impression about what each of these services is.

Renting a coffee machine means you have to pay the company from where you are hiring a monthly rental for using the machine. In a rental scheme, the machine is never yours. Leasing a coffee machine, on the other hand, is same like renting a coffee machine with the only difference being at the end of predetermined period where you will own the coffee maker. A coffee machine lease however doesn’t come with free maintenance plan like rental. And buying as we all know is the simplest of all the options. It means you own the machine from the day one but the guarantee may be limited to 1 year.

Now let us have a look at the service differences of these three different options.

When its about coffee machine rental in Melbourne, the company from whom you hire the machine from, is going to maintain as well as service the machine for you whenever needed and the best part is that they won’t charge you anything for this service. Moreover, the company is also going to provide you a next day swop out service if the machine happens to be unrepairable on site. On the other hand, a coffee machine lease agreement generally comes with a similar guarantee that a purchase comes with. But the service that you get while leasing is a bit different to buying because of the fact that a lease generally comes with a preset monthly amount that you may add to the leasing amount, which gives you the same service that you receive in rental, though at a specific cost.

Buying a coffee machine means you need to spend a big sum of money at once. You can definitely deduct the amount from your tax bill but it is limited to capital allowances on purchase. By paying cash, you will also lose a lot of interest. On the other hand, by renting or leasing you will get tax relief on each and every payment that you will make. But still buying a coffee machine is a good option if you want to get stuck with it for life.


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