How are Business Messages Conveyed through Car Signs?

Car Signs Brisbane

In fact a study was conducted in Australia where it was found that 90% drivers notice car signs in Brisbane and 75% among them form an impression of the company based on the sign. Car signs tell viewers a lot of about a business. The right signage prompts more web hits, more phone calls, more site traffic and more sales opportunities. In a year, a car’s signage acquires about millions of impressions at a CPT, that’s far less than the stationery billboards, newspaper ads and other forms of advertisement.

It is generally the traffic and speed pattern, which affects the kind of moving billboard. In city traffic, the drivers have a lot more time to take in the phone number or a long website URL. At a higher speed, the simpler messages and larger images are much more effective. The studies have shown that viewers have 1.5 seconds to see…

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