4-Tiered Approach to Integrated Pest Management

R.I.P Pest Management

4-Tiered Approach to Integrated Pest Management
or Integrated Pest Management is an environmentally sensitive and effective approach to pest management. It involves a combination of common-sense practices. The IPM programs make use of current, comprehensive information on life cycles of the pests as well as their interaction with environment. This information along with the available methods of pest control is used for managing the pest damage by economic means and with least probable hazard to the people, property as well as the environment.

The IPM approach may be applied to the non-agricultural as well as the agricultural settings like home, workplace and the garden. IPM takes the advantage of all the proper pest management options including but isn’t restricted to judicious use of the pesticides. However, the organic food production generally applies many same concepts as the IPM but limits use of the pesticides to those, which are produced from the natural sources as opposed…

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